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I Smell Chocolate in My Eggs: Springtime Magic – English

¡Huelo chocolate en mis huevos! – Spanish

Моя Великодня Писанка із Запахом Шоколаду – Ukrainian 

I Smell Chocolate in My Eggs!

In the spirit of captivating tales and the magic that dances through the pages of children’s literature, “I Smell Chocolate in my Eggs” finds its kindred spirit in Dr. Laura Gaeta Wilson’s other enchanting story, “The Night Bearfore Christmas.” Both books weave a tapestry of magic and wonder, each in their unique way celebrating the joy and enchantment of special occasions through the eyes of their delightful characters.

I Smell Chocolate in my Eggs” immerses its readers in the vibrant and renewing magic of spring and the Easter season. Both stories share a common thread—magic is everywhere, waiting to be discovered by those who dare to believe.

In “I Smell Chocolate in my Eggs,” the journey through the blooming landscapes of spring, with its array of colors and the anticipation of Easter, mirrors the excitement and wonder found in “The Night Bearfore Christmas.” The latter’s exploration of holiday wonders under the cloak of night complements the daytime adventures of springtime exploration and Easter surprises found in “I Smell Chocolate in my Eggs.” Together, these stories bookend the seasons of joy, from the frosty delights of Christmas to the blossoming wonders of spring.

Dive into the enchanting world of “I Smell Chocolate in my Eggs,” a heartwarming tale that captures the essence of spring and the magic of Easter through the eyes of Wilson Bear and a cast of whimsical woodland friends.

From the very first page, readers are whisked away into a vibrant landscape where springtime magic is in the air, and adventure awaits at every turn. Join in the fun as they splash in puddles, chase frogs under the springtime sun, and engage in the timeless tradition of planting, each activity bringing them closer to the heart of the season.

As the garden comes to life with the help of a diligent inchworm and the gentle melodies of Robbie’s lullabies, the story unfolds in a symphony of color, with butterflies fluttering and flowers blooming in abundance. Celebrate the joy of valentines, the luck of shamrocks, and the beauty of Easter lilies, each page a testament to the renewal and growth that spring brings.

The adventure deepens with a visit to the meadow, where baby lambs frolic and a spot of tea awaits, accompanied by the sweetest jams. The journey through the forest to the Easter Bunnies’ hideaway is marked by the guidance of Tad the Toad and the discovery of a hidden trail adorned with the season’s finest blooms.

As the path winds and twists, unveiling its floral treasures, a surprise encounter with a gigantic meadow rabbit adds a touch of wonder. This gentle giant, with a basket brimming with eggs of every size, shares the magic of Easter, leaving a golden egg as a special gift for every young reader.

I Smell Chocolate in my Eggs” is not just a story; it’s an invitation to explore the beauty and magic that spring and Easter bring. It’s a celebration of new beginnings, the joy of discovery, and the sweet surprises that life holds. Perfect for young readers and families to share, this book promises to be a cherished addition to any Easter basket or springtime reading collection. Join us on this enchanting journey and discover why, when it comes to springtime and Easter, chocolate eggs truly are the best!

By bringing together the essence of these two books, readers are reminded of the year-round wonders that await in the world of imagination. From the cozy, twinkling lights of Christmas to the fresh, vibrant hues of spring, magic is indeed everywhere, encapsulated beautifully in the pages of these heartwarming tales.

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The Night Bearfore Christmas

A  children’s book about a bear named Wilson, taking place on Running Rabbit Ranch and Vineyard in the Valley of the Moon, in Sonoma California. 

The Night Bear is Coming to Town! This Christmas, read about a bear named Wilson who takes refuge on a vineyard in the Valley of the Moon, in Sonoma California. After losing everything in the September 2020 Glass fire in Santa Rosa, the author’s story is a way of giving back to the community and sharing hope with children everywhere. Some proceeds from this book will be donated to rebuilding efforts in Sonoma County. So come join Wilson on his adventures and bring some holiday cheer to your family!

This is an exciting and cheerful holiday press release about a new children’s book for Christmas called “The Night Bearfore Christmas,” written by local author Dr. Laura Gaeta Wilson.

After losing everything in the September 2020 Glass fire in Santa Rosa, some proceeds from this book will be donated to rebuilding efforts in Sonoma County. The Night Bearfore Christmas tells the story of a bear named Wilson who takes refuge on a vineyard in the Valley of the Moon, just north of San Francisco. With illustrations by California graphic designer Tiffany Smith, this heartwarming tale brings together themes of hope and love. Whether you’re looking for something fun to read during Christmastime or want to help support a community post-disaster, be sure to pick up your Kindle Book today!


Some of the proceeds from sales of this book will help us continue our lifelong animal rescue and education efforts which are also aimed at preserving natural habitats for all the creatures great and small.

Running Rabbit Ranch and Vineyard is recognized  by the National Wildlife Federation as a Certified Wildlife Habitat. We are also a Rescue Animal Farm and Refuge and have adopted and rescued hundreds of animals to date. 


Copyright® 2000 by Dr. Laura Gaeta Wilson

Hardcover ISBN: 979-8-9873657-0-0
eBook ISBN: 979-8-9873657-1-7
Paperback ISBN: 979-8-9873657-2-4
KDP ISBN: 979-83662391-4-1
Kindle ISBN: 979-8-9873657-3-1 

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