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I Smell Chocolate in My Eggs!

In the spirit of captivating tales and the magic that dances through the pages of children’s literature, “I Smell Chocolate in my Eggs” finds its kindred spirit in Dr. Laura Gaeta Wilson’s other enchanting story, “The Night Bearfore Christmas.” Both books weave a tapestry of magic and wonder, each in their unique way celebrating the joy and enchantment of special occasions through the eyes of their delightful characters.

I Smell Chocolate in my Eggs” immerses its readers in the vibrant and renewing magic of spring and the Easter season. Both stories share a common thread—magic is everywhere, waiting to be discovered by those who dare to believe.

In “I Smell Chocolate in my Eggs,” the journey through the blooming landscapes of spring, with its array of colors and the anticipation of Easter, mirrors the excitement and wonder found in “The Night Bearfore Christmas.” The latter’s exploration of holiday wonders under the cloak of night complements the daytime adventures of springtime exploration and Easter surprises found in “I Smell Chocolate in my Eggs.” Together, these stories bookend the seasons of joy, from the frosty delights of Christmas to the blossoming wonders of spring.

Dive into the enchanting world of “I Smell Chocolate in my Eggs,” a heartwarming tale that captures the essence of spring and the magic of Easter through the eyes of Wilson Bear and a cast of whimsical woodland friends.

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Running Rabbit Ranch and Vineyard is the perfect setting for an exclusive wine country wedding. Located in Sonoma County, at the entrance to the Valley of the Moon, we offer several picturesque locations with sweeping views. This is an idyllic location for you to host private parties in a gated wine country garden estate with a beautifully landscaped vineyard and lavender rose gardens.

A Sonoma County wedding would not be complete without vineyards views and gardens. The views extend out across Santa Rosa to the western mountain ranges that frame the Pacific Ocean and down the Sonoma valley floor towards Kenwood. Our working vineyard provides grapes for local wineries.

Our large barn, gazebo, shaded forests, and expansive manicured lawns are perfect settings for your private events.

We also offer a long bar, covered patio, built-in sound system, barbeque area and many different seating configurations.

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Rick and Laura Wilson
Rick and Laura Wilson